The Chamber

   It has been a true privilege to be asked to make a piece of art in honor of my Florida state representatives for 2020-2022. I started developing this piece with several images of the chamber floor. In my work, I attempt to find balance in the precision of drawing and the looseness of the abstract. Using the house chamber as my subject was an ideal starting point. My use of color is my way of establishing contrast and is not representational.

My process begins with a birch panel. Next, I create a textured surface for my foundation. This helps bring out the narrative I'm attempting to encapsulate.  Using the state seal as a guide; I created my color palette, which is representative of the unique tapestry that makes up our seal. 
Then I liberally pour equal parts of pigment on to the panel and autonomously paint until the field of color pleases my eye. Then I apply a layer of gesso to create a positive space. I draw using charcoal, soft pastel and oil stick. Lastly, I apply an acrylic varnish to seal the piece.  
It was more than an honor, it was my sincerest pleasure having the opportunity to be involved in a project so meaningful. I thank you for your service to this great state.  

Stages of making the Chamber










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