Thought Experiment

 In an effort to supply you with more context, I think its important to give you some information about my #creative process. I usually start with a single concept that interests me in a manner that can keep my attention for a significant period of time. This piece, titled “A Hypothetical” is a visual nod to physicists Erwin Schrodinger and Albert Einstein and their creation of the “thought experiment”, which was devised to explore the problems with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. So here’s the thing that captivated my interest, this concept of a “thought experiment”, and how, as a species, we can benefit from the processes that allow us to separate our physical being with abstract theoretical concepts, in order to play through certain scenarios and hopefully pick one that is optimal, before we dedicate our time, energy, resources, and in some cases, our lives. This is one of the fundamental characteristics that separate humans from any other species and I was certainly reflecting on it as I made many many marks with charcoal and pastels on panel.

Above completed summer of 2017-SOLD

Above completed early months of 2019-SOLD

Above completed Spring of 2019-Sold
Above completed early 2020-SOLD

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