Odyssey [Og]

Odyssey [Og]

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40" x 40"

Original Drawing using:

Charcoal, Soft + Oil Pastel with Acrylic on Wood 


So...  what this piece is “about” is finding meaning in life... being an explorer...

It’s about taking that long to do list, that tag you have to update, that resume you have to add to, that dentist appointment you have to make, those emails you have to answer, those pages you have to write- And not just accepting the never ending list of responsibilities but learning to see all this, however mundane or upsetting, as a reminder that this life is worth the cost of living it... Allow yourself to view every new moment as an opportunity to explore and find something new. Every problem is a chance to discover a solution.. Think about the odds you have to overcome just to exist, you are 1 of roughly 7.8 billion humans. Humans are 1 species among an estimated 2 to 10 million other species on 1 habitable planet out of an estimated 100 billion in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which is 1 galaxy out of possibly an infinite amount of galaxies in the known universe. Our bodies are made of roughly 30 trillion cells, that house dna built of some 20,500 genes. Many things have to function for you to even be here. So, life, with it’s infinite complexity—with all it’s uncertainty, chaos, malevolence, beauty, benevolence, and abundance, is worth your attention. The juice is worth the squeeze. Take care my fellow travelers.